Wall Flowers, 2011

Inspiration for this painting:
A number of years after my momma was no longer with us, my poppa started going to dances.
My poppa, so full of joy and love of life, was convinced....that all the lovely ladies in the dance hall were waiting, and lined up to dance....with him! As has been told to us, I am sure he danced with most of the ladies, and I am sure they all flirted with him as well! The story continues when he saw for the first time THE most beautiful lady at a dance, who was ALSO filled with a love of life and joy. She noticed this older gentleman, and as the 'stories' go perhaps he was dancing with all the ladies, perhaps he was standing alone ...when this most beautiful lady motioned for him to come and dance...with her! The rest is a true fairy tale...of great blessings & love, even wedding rings....
*Lovely Jhonya still lets poppa go to his dances, and the ladies still line up for a spin on the dance floor!